The Cutty Sark’s Figurehead

Cutty Sark Figurehead

Micro-Mark and Scientific Models have been designing and building wooden model ships for over 50 years. The company began in 1928 selling rubber-band-powered wooden airplanes and has evolved to sell precision tools and supplies for hobbyist. One of the ships that the company has sold, and continues to sell, is the Cutty Sark . The real Cutty Sark has been restored and is docked in Greenwich, UK.

Nannie Dee dancing in the church yard
Nannie Dee dancing in the church yard.

The Cutty Sark is one of the most modeled ships because of the ship’s history. The name is derived from an old Scottish poem written in 1790. The poem, Tam O-Shanter, was written by Robert Burns and is about a drunken farmer heading home from the pub when he saw witches and warlocks dancing in the churchyard. A young witch, Nannie Dee, was dancing in a nightgown that was too small. The term for the short nightgown in Scottish was cutty sark.  The farmer was taken by her and called out to her.

Nannie Dee grabbing the farmer's horse's tail
Nannie Dee grabbing the farmer’s horse’s tail

The witches and warlock gave chase to the farmer who jumped on his horse. Nannie Dee tracked him down but she was only able to grab the horses tail which she snatched. The ship Cutty Sark has Nannie Dee holding a horse’s tail as the figurehead.


At Micro-Mark and Scientific Models we attempt to design our models to the actual ship. We have worked with famous designers like Harold Underhill and Walter Musciano over the years. These designers review the history of the ship, look at mechanicals and drawings in great detail, and even review ship logs to get every detail of the model as realistic as possible.

We have sold the Cutty Sark for years and the figurehead we have used has changed somewhat in the different versions of the model. In the 1950s, we sold a small plastic Cutty Sark for new modelers. We left off the figurehead all together because we knew it was for kids.

Cutty Sark Models sold by Micro-Mark over the years. The Cutty Sark we sell today has one of the most detailed figureheads of Nannie Dee. We also sell all the tools and supplies to make the modeling kit.

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