Ditto Pro Tinkerine 3D Printer

We tested the Ditto Pro Tinkerine 3D printer in our Micro-Make™ Mini Lab at Micro-Mark’s headquarters.  We love the look of this 3D printer.  The lighting and opaque look is striking and will look great in a shop, classroom, or laboratory. The Ditto Pro is one of the easiest 3D printers we have ever set up.  We were literally up and running in just a few minutes.

The bed is unheated, so you can only use PLA filament.  We used our Micro-Mark PLA Filament that can take heat at between 190 and 230 degrees Celsius.  The filament spool is attached to the back.  The filament is then piped to the extruder.  The insertion into the extruder is also very easy.

Another feature of the Ditto Pro is that the bed rises to meet the extruder.  The calibration of the print service also only took about 1 minute.  The control dial is easy to follow and navigate.  Also, the upgraded Tinkerline™ Suite Printing/Slicing software was downloadable from the Ditto Pro website.  It was very easy to work with and took us very little time to follow to scale, duplicate, and adjust the resolution.  The resolution has three options low (at 300 microns), medium (200 microns) and high (100 microns).  The difference in the time to print is about double moving from each resolution setting.  Also, we found it easy to add in a support structure for those prints that need support.  The print is easily saved to a SD card or computer.

The print bed needs help to get the filament to stick for the first layer.  We used a common glue stick to cover the entire space to be printed.  The glue worked great to get adherence.

We tried all the levels of the resolution and found that the instructions were correct in terms of the additional print time.  We always finish our prints using Micro-Mark files, sanders, polishers, and finishers so we were fine with the low resolution.

We can see why the Ditto Pro Tinkerine would be great for schools but we also think it is one of the best all-round 3D printers on the market.  If you want to get printing fast, this is a good choice.  If you want good service, the Ditto Pro is a good solution.  If you want to bring in easy options and have the ability to tweak design at a higher level, the Ditto Pro is a good choice.  Check out the Ditto Pro Tinkerine at Micro-Mark.

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