Flux Delta Plus – 3D Printer, Engraver, Scanner, Cutter, & more

We tested the Flux Delta + in our Micro-Make™ Mini Lab at our headquarters at Micro-Mark. We are very excited about this versatile tool. We tested each of the features and found it easy to use.

Assembly is quick and the changing of the tool modules from cutter, to engraver, to extruder is a snap. The triangular shaped modules connect to the metallic balls supported by the rods. They easily unsnap and snap into place.

We like the 3D printing capabilities of the Flux Delta Plus. It uses 1.75 mm PLA, we use Micro-Mark’s PLA Filament. The bed is not heated so Micro-Mark’s PLA works well. The X/Y resolution is .02 mm and the layer heights ranges from .05 to .3 mm. The build height is 8.2 inches and the diameter is 6.6 inches.

We always finish our prints using Micro-Mark files, sanders, polishers, and finishers to get a more refined look.

The scanner is conveniently hidden in the bed and is push touched to reveal. The point accuracy of the scanner is 1 to 2 mm. The scanner height is 3.3 inches and diameter is 5.5 inches so it is good for small objects. The file format is STL, PCD, or XYZ.



The laser engraver works with wood, leather, and you can see here we used cardboard. The work area diameter is 6.6 inches. The format is JPG, PNG, or SVG. We liked the 3d printing and the laser engraver capabilities the best.


The vinyl cutter has a work area also of 6.6 inches in diameter. The blade shank is 2 mm. We found is easy to work with vinyl, paper, and also Micro-Mark’s texture papers.

The drawing module uses a regular pen. The pen can range in size from 8 mm to 18 mm and can be from 90 mm to 200 mm in length. The print diameter is 6.6 inches.



In our opinion, for the cost, this is a powerful tool for the hobbyist. The diversity of tool heads is vast. Flux will continue to improve the scanning ability and there will be free upgrade we are told. We recommend the Flux Delta Plus.

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