The Micro-Make™ Power Screwdriver

Micro-Make™ Power Screwdriver is used in industrial assembly work and now Micro-Mark makes it available for hobby use. The Power Screwdriver combines an internal reduction gearbox and powerful reversible motor to deliver 12.5 foot-pounds of torque at speeds that can be dialed in to a range of 240 to 2500 rpm. The tool includes a precision chuck with 1/64 inch to ¼ inch diameter capacity. The drill is ideal for slow speed drilling of materials such as plastic but is also good for all-around heavy use.

Micromake Microlux Power Screwdriver
Works well with tiny screws.

Micro-Make™ Power Screwdriver

The Power Screwdriver is controlled by the Micro-Make™ Digital Transformer that provides more power to the tool while it is under a load so that the speed is constant. The transformer also provides separate controls for speed and torque for precision control. The LED display shows the setting for each control.

Micromake Microlux Power ScrewdriverMicro-Mark has an exclusive line of miniature power tools that are unique because they provide precision and power in a small-scale setting. Designed in collaboration with Micro-Mark and our German manufacturer these palm-sized tools are well-built and powerful. Consequently, the Micro-Make™ Mini Power Tools are used by professionals worldwide but are now available to the hobbyist.


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