The Micro-Make™ Powered Sander/Filer

The Micro-Make™ Powered Sander/Filer weighs only 6 ounces and is ergonomically designed to deliver detailed sanding or filing. The 360-degree pivoting head allows 6 different shaped head that snap onto the ball-joint mandrel.

Micromake Microlux Powered SanderThe shapes include round, triangular, square, and rectangular and the tools come with 120 grit sandpaper. The heads are easily replaceable.

Micromake Microlux Powered SanderMicromake Microlux Powered SanderThe different shapes allow detailed sanding in various small spaces.


Also, it is easy to change from sanding to filing.

Micromake Microlux Powered Sander

Micromake Microlux Powered Sander

Micromake Microlux Powered Sander

Also available is the 12-piece Micro File Set that works with the Power Sander/Filer. The lance-like files have various shapes and file configurations to allow filing in any situation. Also available are extra sanding head shapes and sandpaper.

Micromake Microlux Powered SanderThe Powered Sander/Filer is controlled by the Micro-Make™ Digital Transformer that provides more power to the tool while it is under a load so that the speed is constant. The transformer also provides separate controls for speed and torque for precision control. The LED display shows the setting for each control.

Micro-Mark has an exclusive line of miniature power tools that are unique because they provide precision and power in a small-scale setting. Designed in collaboration with Micro-Mark and our German manufacturer these palm-sized tools are well-built and powerful. Consequently, the Micro-Make™ Mini Power Tools are used by professionals worldwide but are now available to the hobbyist.