The Micro-Make™ Sword Saw

The Micro-Make™ Sword Saw uses twin blades that slide back-and-forth next to each other to easily cut through softwoods like balsa and basswood up to 3/8 inch thick. It can also cut pine up to 3/16 inch thick. The variable speed ranges from 100 to 2000 strokes per minute. The user can hold the sword saw like a pencil to cut the most intricate patterns with control.

The Sword Saw is controlled by the Micro-Make™ Digital Transformer that provides more power to the tool while it is under a load so that the speed is constant. The transformer also provides separate controls for speed and torque for precision control. The LED display shows the setting for each control.

Micro-Make Digital TransformerMicro-Mark has an exclusive line of miniature power tools that are unique because they provide precision and power in a small-scale setting. Designed in collaboration with Micro-Mark and our German manufacturer these palm-sized tools are well-built and powerful. Consequently, the Micro-Make™ Mini Power Tools are used by professionals worldwide but are now available to the hobbyist.