Overview: ZMorph 2.0 SX

Z Morph 2.0 SX

The ZMorph 2.0 is the one-stop shop combining 3D printing, CNC machine, and laser engraver or cutter.  It is also extremely well-built.  It also has a paste extruder that works with food products.  The idea of 3D, CNC, and laser in one desktop product is powerful.

We tested the 3D printing with a variety of filaments in our shop and found it to work well with all.  It works with PLA, PETT, PCTPE, metal filled, wood, nylon, and GMASS.  We do not work with ABS because of the negative health and environmental impact.  We recommend using OMNI in place of ABS because OMNI does not release toxic fumes and does not require a heated bed.

The ZMorph 2.0 comes with 5 extruders that are remarkably easy to exchange.  The dual extruders allow for combinations of colors which is great.  But, it does take time to purge to clean when changing colors.

However, like all 3D printing, the final product still needs finishing to get a high level of detail.  We offer files, sanders, cutters, and buffers and a wide variety of painting and finishing supplies to get to a refined final presentation.  If you are just going to 3D print you should not buy the ZMorph.  The ZMorph is for someone interested in 3D printing and CNC or laser engraving.

This machine is not for everyone and takes some effort to understand the proprietary software they call Voxelizer which is not open source but comes free with the set.  However, the machine works with Cura which is open sourced.  Or with some effort, the machine will work with other software design products and imported files.  But if you are willing to work through the learning curve, the power ZMorph 2.0 offers is remarkable.

The CNC works with virtually all hardwoods, plywood, machining wax, PCB, plexiglass, and PVC foam.  The laser works with cardboard, plywood, EVA foil, and leather.  To be honest, we have not tested the paste extruder but we understand it works with food products like chocolate or icing.

The price tag of the ZMorph 2.0 is high, but if you considered a 3D printer, CNC machine, or a laser engraver it would save you money and space.  This multi-material digital fabrication works, and works well, takes up little space, and can make your shop more productive.  But like anything, it will take an effort to unleash the potential.

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