The Bluenose Ship

Bluenose Model ship

The Bluenose was the most famous Canadian ship – built to race and fish. It was launched in 1921 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Bluenose is a nickname for those born in Nova Scotia. The Bluenose was the first ship built for fishing and racing. Speed was essential for racing and fishing because the first ships back to the docks received the best prices.

The Bluenose ShipThe Bluenose was successful in both racing and fishing. Angus Walters, captained Bluenose to three International Fisherman’s Race championships.

And the Bluenose held the record catch for Lunenburg.  The Bluenose fame includes appearing on the Canadian stamp in 1929.

And then again with Angus Walters in 1988.

Bluenose candadian dime

The Bluenose also appeared on the Canadian dime and other Canadian coins.

The Bluenose ran a ground on a reef outside of Haiti and was abandoned without loss of life.  The ship eventually sank.  The Bluenose II was built in 1963 in honor of the first Bluenose and was used as a tourist attraction for many years in Nova Scotia.  The ship is currently tours Nova Scotia ports.


The Bluenose 2

Our mother company Scientific Models Incorporated (SMI), designed and built several versions of Bluenose kits for many years.

Today Micro-Mark sells the Bluenose kit and all the necessary tools and supplies to build the ship model.