The USRA Light 2-8-2 Locomotive

Union Pacific 2487

The USRA Light Mikado was a steam locomotive designed under the control of the United States Railroad Administration (USRA), the nationalized railroad system in the US during World War I. The locomotive was a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement in the Whyte notation.

625 locomotives were built under by USRA, and another 641 copies built after the end of the USRA’s existence. The first, for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O), was completed in 1918 and given the number 4500. The locomotives were considered well designed, modern, and were popular and successful. Large numbers remained in service until replaced by diesel locomotives. The USRA Light 2-8-2 was also called the McAdoo Mikado after William Gibbs McAdoo, the former head of the USRA. With later copies, over 50 railroads.

Union Pacific No. 2487 – see images at RR Pictures Archives at

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Maine Central No. 617 (MEC 617) see images at RR Pictures Archives

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