USRA Light Pacific 4-6-2

USRA Light Pacific 4-6-2

The USRA Light Pacific was a USRA standard class of steam locomotive designed under the control of the United States Railroad Administration (USRA).  USRA was the nationalized railroad system in the United States during World War I. USRA Light 4-6-2 was the standard light passenger locomotive of the USRA types, and was 4-6-2 wheel arrangement in the Whyte notation, or 2′C1′ in UIC classification.

A total of 81 locomotives were built under USRA control that were part 3 railroads.  45 were sent to the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad which were P-5-A class and included road numbers from 1500 to 1569 (25 copies).  30 were sent to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and were classed as P-5 with road numbers from 5200 to 5229. 6 were sent to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad which were classified K-5 with road numbers 240 to 245 (20 copies).

Upon the dissolution of the USRA, the three railroads ordered additional copies of the USRA Light Pacific design.  Also, the railroads Grand Trunk Western Railroad and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad ordered copies.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad number 1504 is the only surviving USRA standard light pacific, it is currently under restoration in Jacksonville Florida.

The Wilmington Railroad Museum, at, has more information about the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. More information about the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad can be found at the B&O Railroad Museum,, or at American Rails,, or at CSX,, or at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society,

USRA Light Pacific 4-6-2

More information about the Louisville and Nashville Railroad can be found at America Rail,, or at

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